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Turmeric Infused CBD

Turmeric Infused CBD


Innovation is key to our success and your health. So, we engineered the market’s first premium Turmeric infused CBD variant. Our Turmeric Hemp Oil is easily our most successful on sale Hemp Oil.

This is because Turmeric Hemp Oil makes use of both Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric and CBD. This results in a versatile on sale Hemp Oil supplement with added benefits that’s great value for money.

We also mix natural black pepper with our Turmeric Hemp Oil to help absorption in the body.

A double action support supplement.



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Derived from Whole Hemp Plant.


Contains every Cannabinoid found in Hemp.


No solvents used.

All Round CBD has a commitment to clarity, honesty and quality.

So please read our lab reports for each and every Cannabinoid found in our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and its natural ingredients.


Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric Hemp Oil combines with the Cannabinoids to further support your digestive system, immune system and joint health.

Added Bioperine (Black Pepper) makes this supplement more bio available.


Hemp Seed Oil carrier, 500mg CBD, 500mg Turmeric+Bioperine.


1/2ml (half pipette) which comes to 25mg CBD, 23.75mg Turmeric and 1.25mg Bioperine.

Do not exceed more than 200mg per day.

Manufactured in UK


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"Great product, it's been really useful and helpful. Definitely recommended. " Kabir
"Amazing product " Sawan
"Awesome product and great service from All Round CBD. I tried lots of other brands but prefer this by far! Felt it working straight away and will definitely be ordering some more. Recommended!" Kulz
"Great product... made us feel much healthier " Ritesh
"Works wonders! would definitely recommend. All round CBD is a reliable company - will be coming back " MNIS
"Really love this product, it’s made me feel healthier and fitter. The delivery is always fast and prices are reasonable. " Rp
"Really helps with my anxiety and pain. Would recommend. " Vad
"A truly excellent product from All Round CBD. This really helped me a lot with my mobility as that was something I had struggled with before, hence my purchase. I would happily recommend this product to anyone who has had the same issues with mobility that I have." Alex
"Good price for a premium product happy with the ingredients. It's already improving my general wellbeing as well as addressing my symptoms which I bought it to help with, so that's a bonus! Highly recommend. Jim" Jim, Solihull
"Very happy with my purchase. Finding a difference in my overall health with this product regarding joint pain in particular. " Nicky
"Great product! Highly recommend it. Great value for money. " SPK
"Authentic and excellent products. Found the CBD oil beneficial for increased immunity/energy level. " UJM - London
"Effective combination for optimum health. A must for the over 40s. " Sue
"Very quick delivery and a great product. Have been using it for a few weeks now, highly recommend it! " Ashumi
"Excellent product " Kani
"Great product CBD hemp oil with turmeric. Improved my joint & overall health " Hansa
"In this climate I’ve been taking cbd oil to improve my immunity " Rita
"Excellent " Sunny
"I am very happy with Hemp oil and it’s good value for money." Mukesh
"I purchased this oil after thinking it would help my joints and overall health. The hemp mix combined with the spice really gives a kick and has been on my diet plan since. I highly suggest taking this for a range of issues, its a really unique and well balanced cbd oil." Celleste
"The most unique and innovative Hemp Oil I have tried so far, All Round CBD offer a range of different options that give me my daily dose of Cannabinoids that my body needs." Vicky
"Absolutely loving All Round CBD hemp oil, a multi use oil especially the turmeric infused CBD." Aliyah
"They weren’t lying when they said it was an All Round Health support!" Jamie




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