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Full Spectrum Original Hemp Oil

Full Spectrum Original Hemp Oil


Our original Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains all cannabinoids derived from whole Hemp Plant. It triumphs over other CBD oils with its natural hempy notes and scents for a truly multi sensory experience.

Original Hemp Oil is great for those starting out or are already taking advantage of our on sale Hemp Oil. Its versatility makes it a very popular product. Same with our CBD capsules, that pair well with this original Hemp Oil variant.


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Derived from Whole Hemp Plant.


Contains every Cannabinoid found in Hemp.


No solvents used.

All Round CBD has a commitment to clarity, honesty and quality.

So please read our lab reports for each and every Cannabinoid found in our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and its natural ingredients.


Contains the full spectrum of Cannabinoids found in Hemp including CBD, CBG, CBDA, CBGA AND CBC.

Also contains a full profile of Terpenes and Flavonoids found in Hemp.

All work together to support the jobs your body does in maintaining All Round Health and Wellbeing.


MCT Oil (coconut derived)

Whole plant hemp extract with 250mg CBD (2.5%)


1/2ml – (half pipette) which comes to 12.5mg CBD

Servings: 20

Do not exceed more than 200mg per day.

Manufactured in UK


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"Surprised out how well this CBD worked for me. I get intermittent back pain and thought I'd try CBD. Certainly not a 'magic bullet', but this really helped with pain and the calming effect was pleasant. What I liked best was I felt great in the morning after taking before bed. While CBD may not suit everyone, I feel its definitely worth checking out." AndyG
"After a long journey of trawling the net to find a product that actually works, I have tried a number of other oils, but non compare to this product in effectiveness, all I need is maximum 5 drops and within half an hour I get a gentle warming of the body and complete relaxation, which lasts through the night and the next day, has greatly helped my osteoarthritis pain and also my insomnia, I would recommend this product to anyone that needs help with pain, anxiety and sleep problems." PAULHENRY10
"When I came across the site I knew this was a very high quality brand. The way the packaging is and the extremely clear instructions on each box on dosage, directions of use and limits to take were very informative and point you in the right direction to mitigate all confusion. The oil is clearly labelled full spectrum hemp oil not just cbd oil as it includes all cannabinoids from the hemp plant. That includes cbd, cbda, cbg, cbga and cbc including all terpenes and flavonoids as well. The taste is supreme and very rich and hemp just the way I like it. The main thing is that this is a no nonsense hemp oil which is direct in what it contains, with full lab reports and fine customer care with quality products. I have come to trust the brand with all my heart especially regarding some of the duds in the market on google that you can come across. 5 stars from me!" Dominik
"Worth every penny, I really appreciate their candid advice and high standard of hemp oil " Jacob
"Very helpful customer service. I have been pointed towards the 1000mg CBD which is perfect and helpful enough for me. You can tell this is extremely high quality CBD oil. " Becca Lowe
"I highly recommend this oil to everyone! " Norris
"Used this oil for a month already seeing benefits, whole hemp plant really making difference." Alin




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