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What's the difference between Hemp and CBD?


What is CBD?

CBD is part of the chemical makeup of the Hemp Plant. Unfortunately a lot of people only think of THC in association to Hemp which is illegal however CBD is actually a legal food supplement. Usually suspended with a carrier oil such as MCT coconut oil- it has spiked in popularity due how it maintains the bodily processes. Including your Endocannabinoid system.

But the general public can sometimes have the perception that CBD is psychoactive due to the negative connotations of THC which is the only psychoactive component of Hemp. CBD however is non-psychoactive and has no such effect. THC that we use only amounts to 0.2%- which completely non psychoactive.

CBD is one of the many parts of the Hemp Plant. But is not to be confused with THC, which is a psychoactive component.

How was CBD discovered?

In modern history Irish physician W. B. O'Shaughness started investigating the theraupeutic effects of Hemp Plant. He stumbled upon certain effects by rudimentarily testing it on some unfortunate subjects in the form of animals. Like fish and small mammals. Finding the bulk of his Hemp in India, where it is was in abundance, when eventually given to humans the plant would open up some interesting supportive assets.

For instance he sought to increase the way it could replace the negative habits of excessive alcohol and tobacco use. This proactive push to commercialise and mainstream the plant in numerous scientific studies during British colonial times, became the first recognition of Hemp in the western world. 

Scientific knowledge of CBD

It wasn't until 1963 that the actual components within the chemical makeup of Hemp were discovered. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam isolated CBD as one singular component of the Hemp Plant. As his research furthered he also drew on CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC. Until then only THC had been the reigning champion of the Hemp world. But this groundbreaking discovery started a dialogue that Hemp and CBD along with the other cannabinoids may in fact have a supportive nature in our body's maintenance. 


It wasn't till 1963 that CBD was isolated as one component of Hemp and was supportive for our body's maintenance.


So what's the difference between Hemp and CBD?

Embarking further into the differentiation of Hemp and CBD, many in the industry can get confused between Hemp and CBD. This arises form the fact that many companies describe their supplements as Full Spectrum CBD oil. However this is an incorrect assertion. This is because CBD is just one component of Hemp. Therefore an oil cannot be Full Spectrum (as they say) if it only contains CBD.

We at All Round CBD however correctly state our supplements as Full Spectrum Oil derived from whole Hemp Plant, as our Hemp Oil encompasses each cannabinoid in Hemp.

This includes: CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa CBC, Terpenes AND Flavonoids. 

These intimately work together to support the normal balance of the body. They are extracted through the most natural means possible including C02 extraction, which does away with the use of solvents and chemicals.


Our supplements are correctly defined as Full Spectrum Hemp Oil as they contain all components of the Hemp Plant. Not just CBD.



You may be puzzled as to why there is no THC in the mixture above, thats because even though THC does have a role in the support that Hemp Oil gives us, we only provide o.2% THC content in all our supplements. This is the legal limit and the right amount the body needs without being traceable to be shown as not complying with the law.

Going a step further with Hemp Oil.

We love to create and add to our palette of Hemp Oil. Not only do we realise the supportive joy that cannabinoids give us, but if we go a step further and add other natural sources to the mix, we would be onto a winner!

This is where Turmeric infused CBD came about. We made a dual action support supplement where the whole range of cannabinoids and Curcumin- the active ingredient in Turmeric acts in synergy to further support your major bodily systems.

Turmeric which has been used for generations is almost like a best friend to Hemp as both have been on our planet co existing for generations. As no other company was taking initiative to introduce them back together into our diets, we thought we do so for a reasonable price of £34.99.


We bring Turmeric into the mix so that cannabinoids and Hemp can work in synergy for a dual action support supplement.


So now you know the truth about CBD, THC, Hemp Oil and other cannabinoids

The whole reason of this entry was to make sure all our customers know the truth about CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. This is our commitment to clarity, honesty and quality. CBD Oil is a wonderful supplement. But when mixed with other components of the Hemp Plant- we realise that people need to know how to address it correctly and the dosage one needs.

Therefore not only do we make clear the components of Hemp Oil but also how to take our Hemp Oil drops, CBD capsules and Turmeric Infused CBD. On each box you will find the exact limits and directions of use so you know exactly what you are getting with each dose.

Check the bottom of each page in our range to see the right directions of use:


Each box contains valuable information on how to take our Hemp Oil.


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