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We'll continue to sell CBD Oil during this pandemic


All Round CBD is not closing

COVID-19 - All Round CBD Is Open

Due to the nature of our business we shall not be closing at all during this pandemic. As far as we know all deliveries are to occur through Royal Mail still, however close face to face contact when handing over parcels will be mitigated. If you chose Royal Mail Special Delivery at checkout, as many of you do, some delay may occur instead of your order coming the next day.

Apart from that our sales are still steady as people seem to be re-appreciating natural organic Hemp Oil as we stated in our article: Will Coronavirus increase sales of CBD Oil?

Secondly our business is an online one and so there is no face to face contact when buying or selling our Hemp Oil.

What about our suppliers of CBD Oil?

We source our CBD Oil ingredients from 100% CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) approved members who adhere to extremely strict codes of conduct during times of illness such as this. They ascertain that all CBD Oil businesses in the UK continue their manufacturing in clean lab tested environments. They also assure that the ingredients we use aren't altered or contaminated during these times in any way due to their lab reports policy:

  1. To allow any authorised member to request samples for testing at your own expense with an authorised testing facility.
  2. To provide samples for routine testing at suitable periods and to ensure those records are kept up to date.
  3. To reasonably ensure lab reports are available for all products and available on request to the public.

This way you can continue to shop our Hemp Oil with the upmost confidence as quality control at all stages of the supply chain will continue regardless of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Self isolation may mean increased Hemp Oil consumption

As the general public have been bulk buying in retail stores ahead of complete self isolation, CBD Oil has also been on their shopping lists.

In fact based on data gathered by Prohibition Partners when asked the question: “In the coming three months, what impact do you think the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will have on your use of cannabis, CBD, or products infused with CBD or hemp?” most of the 2500 respondents from the US, Canada and UK stated that Coronavirus would have no impact on their Hemp Oil consumption habits.

Furthermore the "lipstick effect" where consumers spend on small indulgences such as self care products (like Hemp Oil) and small luxury items during times of economic uncertainty and pandemics could mean Hemp Oil purchasing increases. 

This is because during self isolation by being kept indoors many may find CBD Oil is the perfect personal indulgence during these hard times.

So continue to order Hemp Oil from us

All in all we aren't going anywhere and we are here to answer any questions you have about Hemp Oil and Coronavirus. Our contact page is here.

So keep browsing our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil complete with Cannabinoids for All Round health wellbeing.