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What is Turmeric Hemp Oil? And other questions


Time to revisit Turmeric Hemp Oil and its benefits

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A quick search on Google (which we do to investigate the trending questions in the Hemp industry) of Turmeric Hemp Oil gives insight on what people are currently thinking in the industry. When searching Turmeric Hemp Oil we saw that people are asking what it actually is. Although there's much information already out there pertaining to what Turmeric Hemp Oil is, very few companies set it out clearly enough to mitigate all confusion, because if they did there wouldn't be questions on the web in the first place!

In this short article we will concisely discuss what exactly Turmeric Hemp Oil is and how it compliments CBD perfectly. 

Mixing Turmeric and CBD is an example of infusions

You must have heard by now of CBD infusions, as we discussed how they are an evolution of the industry in our past article of the same name. CBD infusions are combination style products that add to someone's daily supplement routine. Turmeric Hemp Oil is no different, simply put it is a unique joining together of Turmeric with CBD

As the Turmeric we use is in oil form, it mixes well with our applicator oil (MCT Oil) that is used as a "carrying over oil" for our supplements. This is because it hinders the extreme crude taste of Hemp in the vial, therefore allowing it to become a popular part of our everyday diets. Furthermore when brought in with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with all cannabinoids present, these three get on like a house on fire. 

The benefits of Turmeric infused CBD

turmeric infused cbd

Turmeric Hemp Oil is ideal for those looking to build on their common Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with the introduction of another natural ingredient. For us it was Turmeric as this ancient substance is researched as a potent anti-inflammatory, immune support and recovery agent that's been used for centuries. 

Therefore when mixed together Turmeric infused CBD makes use of cannabinoids and the entourage effect through the endo-cannabinoid system, and the synergistic effects whereby Turmeric works with cannabinoids to further support joints, cartilage and muscles. 

Now that you know about Turmeric Hemp Oil, lets confront some other questions permeating in the market right now, including the steady emergence of CBG as an isolated component of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. 

What is CBG?

CBG or cannabigerol is another component of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, much like CBD (cannabidiol) is. However CBG is much harder to extract from Hemp plant and is not used as commonly by itself. We intend on writing a dedicated article on this cannabinoid soon as there's an argument that it can be useful. However we are under the opinion that for any cannabinoid to be advantageous it needs to be mixed with the others so that they can work together to effectively create the entourage effect. 

Stay tuned for a short article on CBG and its proposed benefits soon.

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