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Hello to all customers old and new we have our first dedicated review of our Hemp Oil Aqua Drops that just came in by CBD Sloth. CBD Sloth were impressed how versatile this method of taking CBD was and they stated: "imagine you want to add it (CBD) to your morning coffee, a smoothie or in an orange juice, well the normal CBD oil just won’t do" and therefore our CBD Aqua Drops provides a gateway to unique CBD infused drinks.

Like many before him Tom at CBD Sloth created his own CBD infusion by placing it inside a "morning strawberry and banana smoothie, which didn’t affect the taste too much and helped me to easily get it (CBD) into my daily routine." However he also "took it directly under the tongue" as he "didn't mind the taste" either.

As we have said before aside from Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that we offer, like 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg tinctures CBD infusions are the natural future evolution of the Hemp based industry. Read more on CBD infusions and our unique Turmeric infused CBD here.

Why CBD infusions?

You may be wandering as to why we keep banging on about CBD infusions. Well when we started All Round CBD a core belief in our ethos was to produce the most versatile Full Spectrum Hemp Oil ever created.

Therefore not only providing highly supportive Full Spectrum Oil innovating CBD products that add value to the customer experience also became key to our goal of versatility. 

From here came the birth of CBD infusions. Specifically Turmeric infused CBD which packed full of natural goodness from two of nature's most ancient herbs; Hemp AND Turmeric. Not to mention with added Bioperine which is clean black pepper extract to up the absorption of this supplement in the body.

We want to take the market by storm with our Turmeric Infused CBD and Aqua Drops, stay tuned for more reviews soon to come of all our supplements including Turmeric Infused CBD, Anytime Oral Spray and CBD capsules.