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The importance of Hemp Oil lab reports


The importance of Hemp Oil lab reports.

CBD or Cannabidiol has enjoyed much success in recent years. It is a component of Hemp. Cannabidiol is a legal food supplement. Administered within a carrier oil, in our case MCT coconut derived oil it has reached acclaim due to its contribution of supporting parts of one’s body.

However the market can ignore the customer’s plight in not knowing the actual quality of the product they are buying.

In order to confront these pitfalls, All Round CBD has been tailor made to make sure nothing of the sort occurs in the first place. Therefore we rigorously test all of our supplements.

Please read our lab reports here:

How to interpret lab reports:

Potency testing establishes the types of cannabinoids in the product. As you already may know CBD is hardly the only component in Hemp Oil. In fact our Hemp Oil contains each and every component naturally found in Hemp. When looking at our reports you can identify all the ones present including CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGA and CBC.

You will also see negative contaminants testing to show that our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is 100% natural. We forgo the use of heavy metals and other solvents as we stick to clean c02 extraction methods when sourcing our Hemp Oil. Therefore there will be no heavy metal residue in any of our CBD products.