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Is original Hemp Oil right for me?


Original Hemp Oil vs Hemp Oil peppermint... which product is best for me?

This is a very relevant question in the current marketplace as customers can get overwhelmed with the amount of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil options out there. You could make things clearer by arguing which is better in terms of flavour, like seeing if Original Hemp Oil is better that Hemp Oil peppermint. But it comes down to the preference of the consumer, not just for deciding the best flavoured Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for you but which on sale Hemp Oil is right for your needs. 

In this short article we will further explore the varying deciding factors that will affect which Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is best for you. This article also builds on our original article on deciding the best CBD product for you with greater detail. 

Flavour of Hemp Oil

As we have already mentioned flavour we will look at how this will pinpoint if a certain Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is best for you. Many companies offer a number of Hemp Oil flavours out there to spice up their range. For example we have our base original Hemp Oil for those who appreciate the natural earthy notes that come out in our Hemp Oil. Alternatively we have Hemp Oil peppermint for those who like a refreshing minty kick to their Hemp Oil. Lastly we have Hemp Oil lemon for those who like a fruity zesty taste to their Hemp Oil. It comes down to particular subjective taste. But keep one thing in mind: the flavour of the Hemp Oil you choose has no bearing on the ultimate benefit of the product.

Instead the strength of the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil you choose is much more important in deciding the right product for you. 

Hemp Oil strength reigns true

The strength of your chosen Full Spectrum Hemp Oil should be the ultimate deciding factor in what you buy. For those just starting out on their Hemp Oil journey you can chose a lower dose at 250mg or lower. After getting used to this strength its best to move on to a medium dose of 500mg. Lastly 1000mg is best for those needing a high dosage as they are well versed in Hemp Oil supplementation. 

Note that each offering gives different mg of CBD with each half pipette serving. 12.5 mg for our 250mg, 25mg for 500mg and 50mg for 1000mg. It is up to you how much CBD you would like. For the highest 1000mg dose you will get more in a shorter time per day, in turn 250mg CBD will yield less CBD meaning you need more to build up your daily dosage. 

Regardless please keep in mind that THC will be a major factor with each serving as this cannabinoid is an integral part of the Hemp plant. Subsequently THC may end up having an effect on your final decision. 

Will THC show up on a drug test?

What we didn't address in our original article was if Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that contains THC, would ring alarm bells on a drugs test.

The truth is CBD itself will not. Similarly THC which comes in at 0.2% (the legal threshold) in our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil won't either. This is because taking just a few drops of Hemp Oil per day (which we recommend) won't be enough to test positive on a drugs test.

In fact for you to test positive for THC via Hemp Oil you will need a HUGE appetite for Hemp Oil! Almost at inhuman levels. For example you would need to consume 2000mg of CBD daily, that's almost 2 bottles a day of our highest strength Hemp Oil, for the THC in it to show up on a drugs test. This is fully unrealistic and much above the recommended dose of Hemp Oil we advocate. 

Furthermore the THC present in our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil at just 0.2% is akin to the trace amounts of THC already in our bodies. Therefore it isn't psychoactive whatsoever and has NO recreational benefits. We cannot stress enough that our Hemp Oil is for health support and wellness through natural means. 

Subsequently fears over THC shouldn't effect your decision to purchase a particular Hemp Oil, nor should it deter you from taking advantage of Hemp Oil. The only time you should be weary is if a company won't produce lab reports for their products that show the exact amount of THC in their Hemp Oil. This could be an indication that there is more than 0.2% THC in their supplements and so is illegal or likely to give unwanted psychoactive effects. CBD Myth also touch on THC and CBD. 

We however openly publish our lab reports. In them you will see the full breakdown of all the components of our Hemp Oil. This includes the THC levels and cannabinoids. 

In conclusion

Whether its original Hemp Oil or Hemp Oil peppermint the flavour of your chosen brand does have a hand in what you purchase. However the strength of your Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is much more important as it effects how much CBD you can take per day in line with your experience and needs. Lastly THC shouldn't have an influence on your final decision as the THC in our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is so minuscule that it wont have any legal retributions- no matter if you are buying original Hemp Oil or Hemp Oil peppermint (or even Turmeric Hemp Oil for that matter!).

We hope this clears up more on how to decide on the best Hemp Oil for you.  

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