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The main benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


It's all about the endo-cannabinoid system

Regardless of how you take your Hemp Oil dosage through CBD infusions or standard Hemp Oil drops per day, what matters is how you are supporting your endo-cannabinoid system. 

The endo-cannabidnoid is the system of cannabinoid receptors that reside in your body and bind to external cannabinoids that enter your body. CB1 receptors support your mood and CB2 receptors work with your anti-inflammatory response (especially with Turmeric Hemp Oil). Both of these can be catered to with Hemp Oil supplementation of the kind that's in standard 10ml oil forms or CBD infusions. 

However via CBD infusions the water soluble nature of Aqua Drops or other easily broken down CBD options, the cannabinoid content is better filtered through your body and made use of. Not only that but with CBD infusions they can be combined with other natural goodness or vitamin rich juices that give you double the benefit per day. Read our guide on awesome CBD infused drinks here.

Hopefully now you get an idea of the efficacy of CBD infusions that come in different forms. So when navigating the market look to broaden the options you have and experiment with added horizons through the versatility of Hemp Oil. 

However Hemp Oil itself also comes in two different forms, that also affect the endo-cannabinoid system in different ways.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil vs Broad Spectrum

The two variants of Hemp Oil in the industry are vastly different in the way they work with the endo-cannabinoid system. One of these is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, that we sell. This is Hemp Oil that contains all the cannabinoids sourced from whole Hemp plant- which becomes one of it's MAIN benefits. 

This is because all the cannabinoids that naturally occur in Hemp Plant work in unison and sort of increase each other's efficacy. And yes that includes THC, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains THC (0.2%) that works to uplift the other cannabinoids that are CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC. 

On the other hand Broad spectrum Hemp Oil forgoes the use of THC and so the cannabinoids in their benefits are at a disadvantage compared to Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, as the THC isn't present to complete the entourage effect in its entirety. These types of supplements usually only have little to no THC, at 0.05% THC.   

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and vegetarianism/veganism 

One other potent main benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp is that it gives sustenance to those who choose to leave out meat and diary products in their everyday diet. This is because the minerals forgone from now eating these can be replaced with a much more natural ingredient that doesn't depend on animal suffering. These are of course the cannabinoids found in Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that can support the normal maintenance of the body's systems. 

However we don't recommend supplementing any food or dietary requirement with Hemp Oil. Our on sale Hemp Oil is actually a food supplement that's meant to compliment everyday diets not replace major parts of it!

We hope this clears up the main benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. By purchasing it, our on sale Hemp Oil can be a great addition to your everyday life by being a source of natural ingredients from the Earth.