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Is CBD isolate better than Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?


Full Spectrum vs CBD Isolate

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

We prefer to use Full Spectrum CBD as it maximises the use of ALL the precious cannabinoids naturally present in whole Hemp plant.

You may already know of these: CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC (as well as non-psychoactive 0.2% THC). It is for this reason that our Hemp Oil balances the body's vital systems as all cannabinoids work together.

However CBD isolate is also an option in the CBD Oil UK market with people stating the efficacy of 90% pure CBD. This "purity" is stated as the key to all round health support. But how can this be when each and every other necessary cannabinoid that your Endocannabinoid system wants for normal maintenance is omitted? 

Not to mention the amazing chlorophyll, Terpenes and Flavonoids that give Hemp Oil its secondary health characteristics are also absent from CBD isolate options. 

We offer the most well balanced Hemp Oil

The vast array of CBD products on the CBD Oil UK market can be daunting.

However we at All Round CBD seek to minimise this by being 100% clear in what we sell and why we believe ours is the best stuff out there. Ours is a perfectly balanced, well concentrated variant that makes use of other innovative mixtures such as Turmeric infused CBD.

As opposed to CBD isolate which is just purified CBD extracted from non natural industrial hemp and isolated away from other cannabinoids.

Therefore be aware of the pitfalls of unbalanced CBD products

Such as CBD isolate, which comes at an extortionate price with less natural goodness unlike Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

Sellers of CBD isolate boast that it has zero THC. But this makes their product increasingly unbalanced as the body needs small amounts of THC for instance at 0.2% (which it makes anyway). This is ideal so your body can maintain normal balance with all cannabinoids at its disposal.

Make the right decision and stick to Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

cbd oil

Check out our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and see why its taking the CBD Oil UK market by storm. 

Unlike CBD isolate we don't just keep all the natural cannabinoids, we also leave in all Terpenes, Flavonoids and Chlorophyll in there for beautiful Hemp notes, scents and natural flavours to stimulate all your senses. In conclusion: to buy CBD Oil from us; you are in good hands.