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How to take CBD


Make the most of CBD oil.

The benefits of CBD Oil can only be reaped if someone takes CBD Oil, or Full Spectrum Hemp Oil as we like to call it the correct way.

Customers can get bogged down in the misconceptions in the industry regarding dosage and issues in knowing the best way to take CBD.

Therefore at the bottom of each product page we clearly state all suggested servings.


This is there to make sure you get full use out of our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

A few key things that you will see in each suggestion:

- Do not exceed more than 200mg per day.

- Each Full Spectrum Hemp Oil suggested dosage is listed in half pipette increments.


Some variants will even provide unique results:

Turmeric Infused CBD

For example a half pipette of Turmeric infused CBD will give you three things:

25mg CBD, 23.75mg Turmeric and 1.25mg Bioperine.

This is clearly outlined at the bottom of each product page so you now exactly what you are getting when you buy cbd oil.


CBD capsules also have different specifications as each capsule gives you 10mg. Making it especially viable for people who take many supplements in capsule form together and would like to add CBD oil into their diet but don't favour the taste of Hemp.


Anytime Oral Spray has a unique dosage too:

As this is a spray, each spray gives you a cool minty 50mg of CBD oil. And naturally one can take 40 sprays a day (200mg CBD oil altogether).


Unique ways to take our Hemp Oil.

If you want to spice up your CBD experience you can try taking it with some sweet chocolate. The sweetness of the chocolate will intimately join forces with the sweet Hemp for a truly multi sensory experience.

Or try our Aqua Drops to create a CBD infused drink!

The reviews have been positive with customers creating a myriad of beverages infused with CBD, like smoothies, coffees and teas to get their daily dose of CBD.