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How long does CBD Oil last?


Are you wandering how long it takes CBD Oil to expire?

cod oil extraction

CBD Oil like most food supplements lasts longer if taken care of. Extremities like heat, freezing temperatures and excessive light can wind down the shelf life of your precious Hemp Oil. 

Therefore storing your CBD Oil in the correct manner is essential to allow it to stick around. 

The shelf life can vary

The shelf life of Hemp Oil can vary on the person. People who keep their CBD Oil alongside their other supplements like vitamins and minerals and treat it with the same respect can see it last from approximately 4 months to 6 months. This includes keeping it in cool dark areas away from direct sunlight.

This is crucial as everyone takes CBD Oil in different ways. Some people take it quickly by consuming full pipette doses daily whereas some take just a couple of drops per day. Whichever category you fall into- if you prolong the shelf life of your CBD Oil you have more options open to how you can consume it before it goes off. Whether that be fast or slow. 

Our Hemp Oil lasts for a very long time

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains all cannabinoids in Hemp Plant. The method of extraction we use in attaining our Hemp Oil is the reason it will last you an extremely long time.

We use C02 extraction. This is where two pressurised containers, one with C02 and one holding Hemp Plant are pushed together with huge force. 

The force of this action allows the c02 to separate Hemp Oil from the plant. This Hemp Oil is rich in cannabinoids like CBD.

Our Turmeric infused CBD includes Turmeric roots that are cold pressed into Oil which is then mixed with co2 extracted Hemp Oil. 

The best thing about co2 extraction is the lack of chemicals and solvents used in the process. Thereby allowing the final product to be a more naturally sourced Hemp Oil.

Not all processes however result in long lasting CBD products that are sourced so naturally. 

Steam Extraction

A big reason we circumvent the use of steam extraction is that it doesn't garner high concentration CBD oil. 

It is also extremely long and cumbersome. In short it involves water vapour and steam to cycle over Hemp Plants in order to break the plant's cell walls. This allows Hemp Oil to drip off the leaves. 

Solvent Extraction

This is one form of extraction we want to stay way clear from. It involves using added chemicals like butane which is an unnatural synthetic compound to separate Hemp Oil from Hemp leaves. 

The final product has a lower shelf life and chemical residue that tampers with the delicate cannabinoid compounds. 

The best way to preserve your CBD Oil

cbd oil shelf life Try to keep your CBD oil in darkish places.

Going back to what we stated in the beginning of this blog, that CBD Oil lasts longer if its away from heat and freezing temperatures (like in your conservatory on a winter night) here are the best ways to preserve your CBD products so they can be used for several months. 

Keep your Hemp Oil bottle in its original box. All our products come in boxes or tubs, keep them in there to mitigate air exposure. The air can accelerate the breakdown of the sensitive cannabinoids.

-Take note of the carrier oil. Hemp Oil needs to be suspended in a carrier oil for efficient consumption. Most of the time its mixed with MCT coconut oil. Use this an indictor to keep it as you would you normal coconut oil at home (which should be in dark environments)

- If you use your CBD Oil within intermittent periods try to keep it in dark, cool areas like a pantry so it lasts longer before you pick it up again. Near radiators or in the fridge may not be ideal.

-The dark coloured bottles are like that for a reason. This is so if you accidentally leave it in sunlight- less heat and brightness tampers with the oil. Therefore try to buy CBD Oil that comes in deep amber bottles.

What happens when it does come to the end of its "expiry"

There are no hard or fast rules that determine the expiration date of Hemp Oil. But before cannabinoid compounds start to naturally breakdown its best to consume it. 

This could be a few months to a year. It depends on how well you keep your CBD Oil stored.

In the end it depends on the person and what they intend to achieve with CBD Oil.

Some people may not need to worry so much about keeping it in the right conditions if they consume quickly and aren't fixated on longevity.

But those who savour it over time may benefit from the tips in this blog. 

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