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What is Hemp Seed Oil? Is it different to original Hemp Oil?


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Original Hemp Oil is different to Hemp Seed Oil

original hemp oil

There is much confusion out there on the differences between Hemp Seed Oil and the original Hemp Oil you see on our site. 

The truth is they are totally separate entities. Regardless what some on sale Hemp Oil may purport, if its listed as Hemp Seed Oil in the ingredients then the benefits, makeup and extraction processes are drastically alien to each other.  

Original Hemp Oil comes from something different

Hemp Seeds Hemp seeds like these are different to Hemp Oil, or Hemp plant

Although both are derived from the cannabis plant genus they are from different stages in the Hemp plant's formation. For instance the original Hemp Oil you find on our site, or the Turmeric Hemp Oil (a mix of the Turmeric root and Hemp) are extracted from the Hemp plant's matured leaves, stalks and roots. 

However Hemp Seed Oil that you find online is derived from the Hemp seeds before they sprout up, are watered or planted. Secondly the extraction process for Hemp Seed Oil would include solvent use and chemicals to crush them together in order to churn out Hemp Oil. 

The extraction process for original Hemp Oil however contains no chemicals or solvents that can affect the environment. The super critical CO2 extraction process we use is where two centrifuges clamp together Hemp plants and CO2 is used to help concentrated Hemp Oil seep out of the leaves. 

Original Hemp Oil benefits vs Hemp Seed Oil

The bottom line is Hemp Seed Oil contains no CBD at all. It contains no cannabinoids, so there's no chance of creating the entourage effect thats needed to work with your Endo-cannabinoid system, which is the whole advantage of original Hemp Oil in the first place. 

Therefore you should be weary of any Full Spectrum Hemp Oil supplements, CBD capsules or Hemp based edibles that state they are Hemp Oil, when in fact they are merely Hemp Seed Oil as a quick fix to source Hemp derived products before plantation or maturation. 

Furthermore in order to deceive customers Hemp Seed Oil vendors have started naming their oils as cannabis sativa oil to sound more legit and authentic. This assertion is again wrong as cannabis sativa oil is in fact Hemp Oil too. Subsequently this is another marketing ploy to look out for.

The same goes for all our supplements, not just original Hemp Oil, our Hemp Oil peppermint or lemon variants and Turmeric Hemp Oil all contain 100% Hemp Oil and are not merely Hemp Seed Oil. To see all our products visit our range here

How to tell between original Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil

raw crude hemp oil Crude Hemp Oil after extraction from Hemp plant

Its rather simple to distinguish between our original Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil and that's rooted in our lab reports. By accessing our lab reports you can see the full breakdown of all the cannabinoids present in all the CBD products we sell. These will be CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBC and THC.

On the other hand Hemp Seed Oil will not have any lab reports... because there's nothing to test for in the first place! Hemp Seeds contain no cannabinoids that are naturally formed in matured Hemp plant. So its best to pay a little more for distilled, naturally processed and matured Hemp Oil derived from whole Hemp plant instead of a cheaper alternative.

In conclusion Hemp Seed Oil is different to original Hemp Oil as they come from different sources. Hemp Seed Oil is from seeds that aren't planted or given a chance to grow. However Hemp Oil supplements are from Hemp plants that have grown tall and developed fully with all cannabinoids present. Make the right choice!

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