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A guide to awesome CBD infused drinks


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How to use Aqua Drops to make CBD infused drinks

Given the endless possibilities of integrating CBD Oils into your daily life- it was only a matter time till someone saw mixing CBD products into daily beverages as a way to reap the benefits of CBD oil.

We discuss some awesome CBD drink creations.

Using Aqua Drops in alcoholic beverages

One of our most popular CBD products is our Aqua Drops- 400mg CBD oil drops to mix into anything for any occasion. That includes when you want to party.

The best thing about using Aqua Drops with alcohol is that you can control the strength of CBD oil you want in your drink, as each drop from the pipette garners 10mg CBD dosage.

For instance you could stick to the baseline quarter pipette CBD dosage to squeeze into a cocktail for a subtle earthy pang or use 5 or 6 10mg CBD Oil drops for a stronger hempier taste. 

But the coolest thing about Aqua Drops is that the oil floats to the top of your drink. So you physically see the golden shades of Hemp and can taste it from the rim of your glass.

There is nothing more awesome than a 100% natural Hemp Oil flavour to top off a tasty boozy cocktail. 

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You can use Aqua Drops in the morning time

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If you aren't a night owl you can be a healthier early bird and use Aqua Drops in the morning.

By using CBD Oil drops in your morning coffee you get a caffeine boost and help balance your body's Endocannabinoid system to get your day started.

The Hemp Oil taste is rather subtle depending on the strength of your coffee. If you prefer black then be generous with how many Aqua Drops you mix in your coffee!

Hemp Oil is also a great compliment with tea. If you drink several cups per day then a quick drop here and there can allow you to consistently get your CBD dosage without much fuss. 

However one customer recently also used Turmeric Infused CBD to create a CBD oil and Turmeric tea in one. This is a good way take advantage of the market's best CBD Oil whilst also gaining benefits from Turmeric.

Or even create CBD infused smoothies

cbd oil smoothie

The efficacy our Aqua Drops which are specially designed to be exclusively mixed in beverages means you can also create super healthy CBD infused smoothies.

Just think how much more healthy the vitamins and minerals you get from smoothies would be if Aqua Drops came into the mix. The benefits of CBD Oil to maintain normal balance and support for the body go hand in hand with your five a day. 

One example would be an apple and mango smoothie with 3 Aqua drops. This would give you an additional 30mg CBD along with Vitamin C found in apples for immune support and Vitamin A found in mangoes for sight support.

Don't forget "plain" old CBD water

Water is by far the healthiest and most essential liquid the body needs.

However it is easy to overlook the simple beauty of water, which is the life force behind everything. Mixing CBD Oil drops with water allows you to access its benefits wherever you are. This is because water is pretty much in abundance everywhere. 

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