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FSA muscles in on CBD Oil UK market


Ultimatum for CBD Oil UK market?

25/04/20- The CBD Oil UK market has come under some fire in recent months. Not only have businesses felt the pinch from Coronavirus lockdowns but the Food Standards Agency have given a deadline for CBD businesses to have a application for novel food status by 31st March 2021.

What does this mean exactly? Basically CBD manufacturer businesses will have to compile a dossier of extra lab results proving the contents of their extracts. These scientific dossiers also prove the best manufacturing practices and compliant products will be marked with a specific logo thats yet to be released. Comprehensive safety assessments will also be a part of the process. 

However such tests already occur for food supplements, the current classification of CBD Oil in the UK. Lab results and ingredient breakdowns are a legal obligation for all CBD companies already. This has provoked many in the industry to debate directly with the FSA on the reclassification of CBD products. Their stance surrounds the definition of novel foods. Novel foods are products not used prior to 1997 and this doesn't apply to CBD Oil so they've fought to retain food supplement status.

They present a number of arguments ranging from the history of Hemp Oil that shows consumption in Europe much before 1997. Read our article: "How long has Hemp Oil been around?" where we show that Hemp and its related cannabinoids have been appreciated for centuries. This includes 14th century Venice and Middle Age England. 

Furthermore many of the extra tests and safety analysis of equipment and machinery in the manufacture of Hemp Oil is already done by law. Our suppliers have to meticulously make sure by UK government standards that their work areas are clean, sanitary and safe. As well as properly show all the ingredients of their CBD products. 

The stance of the CTA is therefore that Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extracts do not fall under the novel foods schedule and that the extra investment needed to reclassify it would cost thousands of pounds in an economy already rocked by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

They have been sending specialist lawyers to Brussels to ensure that Full Spectrum Hemp Oil stays as a food supplement.

What does this all mean for All Round CBD?

For us its still basically business as usual. No one really knows what will happen by 31st March 2021, the FSA have declined any extension to the period of authorisation so we will keep informed with the next moves of our suppliers.

Even if novel food status does come to be- we will still sell CBD products. In whatever form they become allowed. In fact this could be new avenue for us to sell Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in higher quantities as the media light on this issue makes people more aware of the benefits of CBD Oil.

We may expand our range to accommodate Hempseed Oil or CBD isolate as these are 100 percent guaranteed to pass novel food authorisation. These have the same scale as the benefits of CBD Oil. 

Regardless of the changes in law and economic uncertainty we are seeing now, a business that stays adapted and fluid can echo through the ages.