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The current status of the CBD Oil UK market


Is the CBD Oil UK supply chain in danger?

Yes and no. Hemp cultivators in the US have room to breathe as the US Department of Homeland Security just stated their business as essential to continue during Coronavirus. Thereby urging Hemp farmers to keep supplying manufactures with Hemp plant to be converted to CBD oil.

However some brands could be ordering less ahead of depreciating sales from customers. Therefore affecting the supply of Hemp in the supply chain. 

At the same time many customers are ordering CBD Oil in bulk as they can't visit health supplement shops and so demand from consumers for many companies has been stable. 

Economic uncertainty is affecting the CBD Oil UK market

The best CBD Oil customers are the ones who re order time and time again as they have experienced the benefits of CBD Oil profusely. These customers are the ones who provide the major demand for Hemp Oil. Further down the supply chain the need for CBD oil from manufacturers is spurred by companies who need fresh stock. At the end of the chain the Hemp cultivators make this possible and so become increasingly significant. 

However the committed customers of CBD oil are the only ones who buy CBD oil at higher prices at this time of economic uncertainty. Newer customers who have just started with CBD oil may not buy products at £39.99 during this pandemic as they prioritise other essentials instead. 

CBD Oil is seen as an essential right now

However CBD Oil as a self care item is regarded as an essential right now. The proof of this is found in the sales data. Brightfield recently analysed that at the beginning of Coronavirus CBD companies saw their items fly off the shelf. Presently their sales of CBD products have increased "30% above average after that initial spike". 

This shows that more than ever before people are turning to CBD oil as their natural alternative to self care. On top of that Medical News Today saw that searches for CBD oil were equal to searches for yoga and e-cigarettes. However they surpassed searches for excercise and veganism.  

As a result this means demand for CBD Oil will sustain in the UK through this pandemic and Hemp supplies will have to keep up with this. Which isn't an issue as we already know that preventative care measures to stop coronavirus transmission is a norm in the health sector. 

The CBD Oil UK market has been dubbed the newest revolution

Due to the spike in popularity the CBD Oil UK market has continued to flourish and so Hemp cultivators down the supply chain have an occupation. 

In fact the Centre for Medical Cannabis has urged Hemp oil suppliers to prepare CBD oil as a "permanent feature of the wellness sector that is likely to expand in the future". They state that consumer demand has made this a reality because they find "CBD is effective for them and should be made more widely available".

In light of this the CBD Oil UK market has been adapting to change during the Coronavirus pandemic by making CBD products more widely available. Companies have been switching to solely online sales during self isolation. This way they mitigate face to face contact and maintain customer relations. 

On an end note, the CBD Oil UK market continues business as usual

The CBD oil supply chain has kept up its production during the Coronavirus pandemic. CBD products are being churned out in succession in order to meet demand. Furthermore the general public have relayed their demands for more CBD oil as they buy more during self isolation.