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Covid-19: Misinformation, social media and Hemp Oil


Listen to the experts not influencers

hemp oil and covid 19

In this era of information overload and unregulated dubious posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that state falsehoods on cures for Coronavirus, death tolls and so called "expertise" advice- it can be easy to fall into a trap of anxiety and gullibility in believing all that you read. For the general public is can be hard to ascertain the truth from whats put out there for profiteering, trolling and scare mongering.

Although it is understandable to be worried you won't quell your anxieties by listening to those who have huge social followings. These account holders won't have the expertise as opposed to a reliable source like Public Health England or the NHS website for example.

However health professionals who tweet something akin to "many will die especially the elderly" need to think about the effect this has on older people or vulnerable people. Fear may exacerbate standing mental and physical health issues, however this duty of care may be set aside in favour of mailing some kind of political statement on responses to Covid-19.

The reason we are highlighting this is because in these extraordinary times where we need faith in the people on the front lines of our healthcare, simple instructions enforced in a manner of careful assertion not command, or fear is the way to go. This includes useful info on social distancing, using telephone consultations as the means to gain medical advice, online support for queries on what to do when ill and reinstating the need to stay at home. 

Although we are a Hemp Oil company we intend to make clear the information surrounding Coronavirus

As a provider of food supplements in the form of Hemp Oil we intend to make clear the right information out there including the useful info we just mentioned that could save lives. This is because many of our customers themselves have relayed to us personally their confusions on some of the myths currently out there on social media or outlets. For instance:

Believing that because summer is round the corner- exposing yourself to the sun will hinder chances of Coronavirus- this is FALSE as plenty of hot countries have reported Coronavirus transmission.

hot weather and corona virus

You can recover from Covid-19, catching it does not mean you will have it for life. However this is mostly possible if you gain medical advice right away after symptoms such as a runny nose, fever, cough, sore throat and headache and isolate yourself immediately from family and friends. 

The World Health Organisation recently stated that the following myth: "Being able to hold your breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing or feeling discomfort DOES NOT mean you are free from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or any other lung disease." is FALSE. The only way to absolutely confirm you have the disease is through a laboratory test. 

lab test covid 19

The myth that drinking alcohol can reduce symptoms and chances of Covid-19 is FALSE, because excessive alcohol use can diminish the effectiveness of the immune system in fighting illness. Therefore use our Aqua Drops- which is the go to CBD product for creating CBD Oil infused beverages, for healthy smoothies or juices instead of cocktails.

cod infused drinks

One recurring myth we have heard is that lemon water is a fool proof way to prepare the immune system to fight against Coronavirus. This is FALSE as there is no solid evidence of this. Although lemons are a source of Vitamin C there's lack of scientific evidence that they prevent Covid-19.

Therefore as a Hemp Oil company- clarity is part of our code of ethics

If you visit our detailed code of ethics, you can see we have clarity on whats in our Hemp Oil. We also make clear all misconceptions of Hemp Oil through our Jargon page.

However this practice of clarity also extends to our reportage on Coronavirus therefore we chose to write on some of the falsehoods present on social media. We hope this article has served you well in your endeavours of getting through this tumultuous time. 

Please note we will continue to sell Hemp Oil during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read more on this here.

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