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Which CBD product is right for me?


which cbd oil is best for you?

Which CBD product is it then?

Are you looking to buy CBD Oil but are unsure of which strength is best for you? Read on and discover the best CBD oil strength and dosage that's right for you. 

In order to decide which CBD product is right for you, you must first look at the type of Hemp connoisseur you want to become:

250mg CBD is for those who want to take CBD oil on occasion, instead of a dedicated dose. 

500mg CBD is for those who are on an intermediate schedule of Hemp Oil already and enjoy the experience of taking CBD as a cannabinoid. Ideal for those on their way to full strength CBD dosage.

1000mg CBD is for those who are committed to long term CBD oil use and appreciate Hemp's natural flavours, earthy scents and unique tastes. These people will successfully integrate CBD Oil into their daily life. 

Now that you have completed the first step in deciding the Hemp Oil you want to try. The next step is seeing how much Hemp Oil you want to realistically take.

How much Hemp Oil should I take?

what cod dosage is right for you

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil comes administered in bottles which is then taken sublingually through a pipette. We recommend filling up half the pipette each time you take our Hemp Oil. Depending on what strength you buy you will gain different concentrations of CBD when doing this.

For instance:

Taking a half pipette dose of our 250mg CBD would give you 12.5mg CBD per serving.

Taking a half pipette dose of our 500mg CBD would give you 25mg CBD per serving.

Taking a half pipette dose of our 1000mg CBD would give you 50mg CBD per serving

So if you intend on taking several smaller hits throughout the day, 250mg may be the best route for you. 

Whereas if you want the full dose at the end of the day: 1000mg may be the best for you. 

There are no hard or fast rules regarding this, as the versatility of our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil means even veteran users can purchase and gain a lot from say 250mg (our lowest strength) by taking several smaller squirts throughout the day that adds up to their usual daily allowance. 

The only rule is that we clearly state not to go beyond 200mg CBD per day. 

Now combine the strength of CBD and dosage you feel is right for you

After reading the above you can look at what strength of CBD appeals to you. Then see how much you're likely to take per day. Putting these two together gives you an idea of the right CBD products for you.

But what about other CBD products we offer?

Some of our most innovative and bespoke engineered Hemp Oil comes with different dosage requirements.

Like our Aqua Drops which can be taken in quarter pipette doses in coffees, teas and juices to give you 10mg CBD.

Aqua Drops is unique as it gives you the freedom to infuse CBD in any beverage you take throughout the day. 

So if you want a strong CBD coffee you can place several drops in your mug or if you are starting the day off with a CBD smoothie you could keep it low to just a couple of drops. 

CBD Capsules are the same as each capsule gives you 10mg CBD and as long as you don't exceed 200mg you are free to take as many as you like.

Our Anytime Oral Spray contains 5mg of CBD with each dose. So you can readily take up to 40 sprays throughout the day. 

Our Turmeric infused CBD is different. It gives you 25mg CBD per half pipette, with 25mg Organic Turmeric and Bioperine for added natural goodness. 

Read more here on Turmeric infused CBD, a specialist supplement where organic Turmeric pairs up with CBD to garner premium results.