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What does the CBD Oil UK market gain from Cannabis industry lobbying?


Increased support for widespread mainstream CBD Oil use in the public

Whilst the press has been dominated with news on the Coronavirus pandemic, Cannabis lobbying continues too murmur in the background. It originally began on 11 June 2018 where Charlotte Cadwell arrived in Heathrow airport with cannabis medication to treat her son, only for it to be seized by custom officers.

This stunt was orchestrated by Steve Moore the chief of David Cameron's failed Big Society initiative which sought to blur allow groups and businesses to increasingly run public services. he is also a strategic counsel for the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, "the UK's first industry membership body for businesses and investors operating in Cannabis based medicinal products and Cannabidiol wellness" of CBD products

But Moore's interest in Cannabis is not limited to the drugs medicinal use, he has a vested interest in lobbying for legal Cannabis use for monetary means.

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Volteface and legalisation of Cannabis

Moore is also a consultant for Volteface which lobbies to take £2.5bn out of the hands of criminals and the black market and to insert it into the legal economy. This case for legalisation has a murky past and the reasons for it could be seen for investing in the recreational use of Cannabis, which is not what CBD products are for.

The after effects of this move could be that lobbying groups may distort the arguments against recreational Cannabis use. And subsequently the general public must be protected from unrealistic hopes garnered by these types of lobbying groups.

But opening up the market is essential for CBD products too

The regulatory debates of Cannabis and Hemp Oil products has been contained in the legalisation of Cannabis for medicinal use and increased CBD Oil consumption in the general public. But the recreational Cannabis debate hasn't had the fury it has had in the US.

Even though they opt for the wellness aspects of CBD products to be brought to the forefront, recreational Cannabis lobbying groups could spoil the image of CBD Oil in the UK.

We continue to maintain that Cannabidiol is a food supplement that should be used to accompany your already healthy diet. NOT for recreational purposes. Therefore we hope that Cannabis lobbyists don't bring recreational aspects of Hemp into the argument. As it is simply not true.

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The connection between lobbying for medicinal or recreational Cannabis use

Amongst the Coronavirus pandemic the debates will be hindered slightly, however to continue saying that "Cannabis is wonderful for pain is like saying that if you are in a glass or two of wine might help. People advocating for cannabis use in pain or in any other condition who have been using cannabis at home are talking about getting relief from their discomfort thanks to a recreational substance" Marta Di Forti, psychiatrist.

Therefore, lobbyists could fill the gap as being an effective influence in patients' lives by stating the uses of medicinal cannabis whose benefits are still yet to be proven.

"I am upset by this because some of these groups are vulnerable people with chronic conditions and looking for real relief and help" says Di Forti.

However what CBD products have to gain from this is that they are Hemp derived and are shown to be effective food supplements. The clarity of this will sustain and when evidence is shown for medicinal cannabis's benefits CBD Oil will also spike in popularity through lobbying.