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CBD oil news from across the pond


CBD oil news from across the pond in the US and Americas

-When analysing the trends in CBD products and the benefits of CBD Oil its important to see how the US market is performing.

-This is because trends in America may seep into the CBD Oil UK market as the US is our greatest trading partner. The same applies to UK CBD product trends, our own legalities may affect our friends across the pond.

- To successfully buy CBD oil in the UK from reputable sources could depend on the impact of US market news.

Will the FDA in America make CBD a legal ingredients?

In the US CBD is currently a legal ingredient mostly in CBD oil. Therefore any change in America of this rule for CBD to be legal in other dietary supplements, food stuffs, meals and drinks would be a major advancement. However in the UK we are lucky to already have CBD as a legal ingredient in CBD infused teas, coffees and foods as long as it only contains 0.2% THC. 

The FDA however state that any CBD oil derived from Hemp Plant with more than 0.3% THC is illegal. Therefore thousands of dietary supplements that list CBD as an ingredient are not within US legal thresholds.

In the CBD Oil UK market however we have carefully defined the non-psychoactive amount of THC that will not have adverse effects on consumers. This amount is 0.2% THC and all CBD oils have to adhere to this strict regulation to always stay within these boundaries without fail. That includes us at All Round CBD. 

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Will future US regulation the UK CBD Oils

Hemp Oil in the US


Given that numerous suppliers of CBD go over the FDA regulation of 0.3 THC content, legal change to the law is being widely disputed. Many states are not in line with federal FDA regulations.

This isn't the case for the UK CBD oils market where there is much transparency around whats allowed or not allowed- each constituent, country and district with our nation adheres to the same overarching, stringent law of 0.2% THC. Therefore US regulatory limbo has no impact on us in this regard.

But if regulation regarding the amount of THC is relaxed in the US it may mean that the threshold of THC here in the UK may change.

This is extremely unlikely however as the FDA has been expanding its influence into the inner operations of all US companies by asking for lab reports to ascertain the CBD, cannabinoid and THC levels of their CBD products to assure it stays within their boundaries.

As you know in the UK all companies already have to submit lab reports by law, and so a lack thereof isn't an issue as we already have it covered. This means that we stay a reputable supplier of Hemp Oil. 

Brexit won't have much impact either for CBD products.

EU regulation is to be scrapped vis a vis the Food Standards Agency after Brexit. EU law change regarding the status of Hemp Oil supplements are going through limbo as to whether they should be classed as food supplements or novel foods.

Thankfully when we dodge this CBD oils in the UK will stay as food supplements. The foundations of continued legality of CBD in the UK are likely to be unshaken as a result.