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Why CBD Oil infused products seem like the way to go in the UK


Using CBD Oil in combination style supplements has proven popular with many consumers 

We have had a number of new customers in recent weeks. As a quick introduction to our brand we wanted to start by explaining our wild card: CBD Oil infused products. 

The CBD Oil UK market can be hard to navigate given the myriad of options out there but one thing you can agree on is that each company tells a similar story. 

They all state their Hemp Oil is full spectrum and makes use of all cannabinoids. The oversaturation of such products has aligned just a few players to monopolise the market as the go to options. This is because they arrived on the scene before all others and already garner trust over the newer entrants even though the latter offer the same product. 

But given this most consumers tire of the same variants dominating the market and look for something fresh. This is the first reason why CBD infused products are the way to go. 

Our company is leading this next natural evolution in the Hemp revolution by bringing out some never before seen CBD combinations. 

Introducing Turmeric infused CBD 

To kick off a new line of CBD infusions All Round CBD have decided to create a dual purpose supplement that makes use of two of the world’s most ancient substances. 

These are organic Turmeric and natural CBD that allows Turmeric to do its job better. Many already know that Turmeric is a fantastic support for immunity, digestion joints and cartilage. But mixing it with CBD Oil allows you to balance your EndoCannabinoid system as well; giving you more for your money. The final result becomes the innovative Turmeric infused CBD with added bioperine (black pepper extract) for increased absorption in the body. 

Furthermore we give full access to consumers to create any CBD infusions of their choice by bringing out Aqua Drops which are 400mg CBD Oil drops to mix to any beverage. 

Why CBD Oil infusions are so amazing 

Cannabinoids including THC are just two components of the Hemp Plant out of 113 others. Whilst they all have supportive abilities for your body a little more to the mix goes a long way. 

Turmeric has an active ingredient called Curcumin that works on the immune system by normalising its activities during or after illness. You therefore see the efficacy of a double combination of CBD with Curcumin. 

Secondly imagine using Aqua drops to create super healthy smoothies. Using vitamin rich fruit alongside CBD becomes a newer way to supplement CBD into your daily life. 

Not to mention the taste profiles of CBD infusions are considerably heightened as opposed to the normal versions. The initial spicy sizzle on your tongue with Turmeric infused CBD finishing with natural Hempy notes from the CBD will make your mouth water. With Aqua Drops you can have an earthy original Hemp taste to every coffee and tea you have during the day. 

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