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Does CBD Oil get you high? (And other misconceptions)


Myth 1: CBD Oil will get you "high"

When we started writing this article we sought to dispel the first most common myth surrounding CBD Oil. This was that it got you "high".

The truth which we always try to spread, is that Hemp derived CBD Oil will never get you high due to its low THC content. 

UK law states that no more than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can be allowed in CBD products. This is because sticking to 0.2% THC assures no recreational mind altering effects at all.

Myth 2: Hemp Oil and CBD are two different things

Hemp and CBD are derived from the same substance. That substance is Hemp plant. Through super critical CO2 extraction methods Hemp Oil is churned out from Hemp plant. This concentrated oil contains cannabinoids including CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC (plus 0.2% THC).

Therefore CBD is a component of Hemp Oil. As most Hemp Oil majority wise contains CBD, many use the terms Hemp Oil and CBD Oil interchangeably. But the bottom line is they are the same due to where they are sourced. 

Myth 3: Low mg doses of CBD Oil drops are useless

Some consumers may feel that low level CBD Oil doses are useless due to the weak nature of their CBD mg dosage. For example our 250mg CBD Oil drops are the lowest concentration of CBD we offer.

But in reality these are still extremely useful as they allow consumers to jump on the Hemp bandwagon and develop an appreciation for Hemp Oil. The low concentration of 250mg Hemp Oil allows one to start low and slow with Hemp Oil supplementation in order to become better suited to our higher concentrations.

Read our full guide on CBD dosage here.

Myth 4: Taking enormous amounts of CBD Oil drops per day can "fix" you

CBD products are not there to fix anything except support your body by increasing your intake of 100% natural organic ingredients. 

CBD Oil drops work on the endocannabinoid system. CBD does this by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain to maintain their jobs in acting as a support base for our bodies. 

Neither does taking enormous amounts do any good. We maintain that 200mg per day everyday as the dedicated maximum dosage to take for the best results. 

Myth 5: After taking CBD Oil drops you feel differences right away

Like with anything new, the body needs time to adapt. To gain long term uses of CBD Oil drops one should start low and then work up to 1000mg. 

This is done by taking the recommended doses each day. These are found on the back of all our CBD products. Only by taking your time will your endocannabinoid system be urged to support your bodily systems. 

There is no instant magical difference, whether it be recreationally or physically when you take our CBD Oil.

In conclusion

To put it simply CBD Oil drops are best taken with care and in controlled doses each day. Please take care when navigating the internet for CBD products as the above myths can be catered to. For instance some sites may advocate CBD products as a "high" which works within hours and that high doses of CBD Oil drops are the only solution to wellbeing.

Please refer to this article whenever you read anything like that.

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