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Why is CBD Oil so expensive?


The demand for CBD Oil racks up the price

Global Hemp supply is greatly sourced in the states. Prior to the 2018 Farm Bill which we spoke of in our article here: "How CBD Oil helps the environment" Hemp as a crop was illegal to farm for commercial purposes. Now that Hemp is open for business the demand for CBD oil has sky rocketed for a crop thats still in its infancy on the commercial stage. 

The swiftly diminishing supplies of Hemp plant means that the price has to be racked up to cover the costs of churning out CBD oil in high quantities. 

However the pricing of CBD oil is bound to decrease as the supply and demand comes into balance not just in the States but worldwide. 

Safe, clean extraction methods incur costs

Our CBD oil is 100% CO2 extracted meaning that we forgo the use of all cheaper solvents and chemicals that would otherwise mean unnatural ingredients in our Hemp oil. 

This increases the cost of deriving CBD oil from whole Hemp plant as the CO2 extraction process needs to be done safely and in sterile environments.

However the higher costs of CBD oil for these reasons is worth it as you know our CBD products are completely natural and green for the environment. We don't cut corners in sourcing our Hemp Oil for lower costs. 

Furthermore our CBD capsules include CBD oil derived from Hemp plant through CO2 extraction then cold pressed into Vegan HPMC capsules. This added process into capsule form means higher costs too. However we keep our capsules at a very reasonable price at £24,99 for 30 CBD oil capsules.

Hemp oil can also be highly volatile. Meticulous transportation methods to make sure excessive light doesn't seep into the oil to disturb it and to be kept at certain temperatures increases the costs of sourcing quality Hemp oil. Therefore consumers may have to experience a higher price. 

Read out article on how long CBD oil lasts to get a better idea of how delicate CBD oil can be. 

Expensive CBD oil is an indictor of quality

Given the shortage of global Hemp production, much Hemp plant was sourced in China and then the US. However now that Coronavirus has created a lack of trust with cheaper Chinese manufacturers of Hemp Oil, more expensive alternatives have been sought after.

The includes premium sellers of high quality Hemp plant from the EU and the States. Thereby driving up the price of sourcing Hemp oil. The end user will then have more to fork out to get their CBD products.

But is this such a bad thing? We don't think so, the higher price tag of CBD oil from better quality sources, clean C02 extraction methods and formulating expensive lab reports means a better quality product. 

These better quality CBD products will always have a COA or Certificate of Analysis, which show the full range of Cannabinoids in the CBD oil. Showing this allows you to know what your getting for your money. Therefore you know your not getting ripped off with an inferior product.

Make sure you purchase the best CBD oil

As a result when you buy CBD oil look for indictors of the best stuff. Price is one of these. You are better off in the hands of a responsible supplier who don't forgo clean C02 extraction and treating the CBD oil with care to cut costs.