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CBD Oil and the law, what's going on in 2020?


CBD Oil and the law, what's going on in 2020?

It will stay 100% legal

But the official status of CBD oil is going though debate. It is currently a food supplement, 100% safe and strictly regulated to integrate into diets and everyday use. However there is some push from some third party entities whom would like it changed to novel food status in 2020.

Novel food status applies to supplements that have not been used before 1997. However as you may have read in our "Hemp oil has been used for generations" post it is clear that Hemp Oil far supersedes the recent date of 1997. In fact Hemp Oil and all Cannabinoids in its chemical makeup, including CBD have been used for centuries. 

Therefore the debate is currently tipped in favour of food supplement status for CBD as something to be reintroduced into our diets and something present in European markets for generations.

CBD is to stay legal this year, next year, and the next and the next...

Other legal conditions met by CBD and Hemp Oil

The Food Standards Agency state that if CBD derived from whole Hemp Plant is extracted using C02 extraction it is 100% legal. We therefore meet this guideline with all our supplements.

The Food Standards Agency are also stringent in stating that using extraction methods including solvents or chemicals is illegal. We stay away from such practices.

The new issue is that the FSA and notably the FSA of Ireland believe that even though C02 extraction is a greener way to derive CBD there has been some talk of a "super critical" CO2 extraction method. The question is why is this suddenly becoming a concern when all other food supplement plant oils have been extracted using the usual CO2 extraction method for time immemorial? Why is CBD suddenly being treated unfairly?

With the exception of our CBD capsules that are created through cold pressing; applying pressure upon Hemp seeds, leaves and stalks till they seep Hemp Oil (deemed 100% legal by the FSA as a way to source food supplements), we believe that all Hemp Oil sourced through c02 extraction should be 100% permissible without hesitation. That includes our own Hemp Oil. 

This is because Co2 extraction rids the oil of all contaminants and we post all lab reports to show the full Cannabinoid profile of our Hemp Oil extracted through natural CO2 extraction processes, in order to be always compliant with the law.

Co2 extraction and Hemp Oil Like with the Hemp plant above we use C02 extraction to gain Hemp Oil from the stalks, leaves and roots.


What does Brexit mean for CBD?

Not much, the fact that special retained EU laws will to be around much after the full transfer of power to the UK after December 2020, means that FSA rules as they were under EU membership are to stick around. Which is great news as CBD is to stay 100% legal as a food supplement. 

Even if the UK is to reject all EU laws regarding classification of CBD, the ambitions of the Brexit movement to tear the shackles of EU involvement in UK trade and affairs has prompted a push to actually relax criteria around CBD manufacturing. This may extend to the current 0.2% THC threshold for CBD supplements.

Hemp Oil supplements post Brexit. There's no doom or gloom for CBD and Hemp Oil supplements post Brexit.


Hopefully this clarifies how we have high standards for meeting all legal and official criteria of CBD so you can shop with confidence throughout our whole site.

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