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CBD infusions; an evolution in the industry


Introducing CBD Infusions.

You probably read all over the web of how CBD and Hemp Oil is full spectrum and offered in a variety of flavours and strengths. Whilst that is all great and helpful at All Round CBD we wanted to pioneer something new and fresh. 

We decided to tinker with different combinations of Hemp Oil. To see if other natural ingredients would help Hemp Oil do its job. After much trial and error we concluded that one ancient herb used for countless centuries in holistic and natural healthcare was the perfect partner for CBD.

That herb was TURMERIC. Turmeric like Hemp Oil and CBD has enjoyed much popularity in the last few years. It has been re-discovered for its anti inflammation, cartilage, digestion and immune system maintenance support.


turmeric infused cbd

Therefore we had stumbled upon a goldmine (gold being the colour of Turmeric) of potential to increase people's holistic All Round healthcare. So by combining two of nature's most ancient substances we have brought out Turmeric infused CBD.

They can be taken just like one takes our normal Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (under the tongue). Each drop contains 25mg CBD, 23.75mg Turmeric and 1.25mg Bioperine. Being an innovative company we added Bioperine too, which is Black Pepper to skyrocket the bio absorption of this supplement so you can get the most out of it.

Turmeric infused CBD also works so well due to Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric that when combined with Hemp Oil's active ingredients; CBD, CBDG, CBDA, CBGA and CBC becomes a double action support supplement. Talk about adding value!

But we didn't stop there. Looking into other combinations we were inspired to give customers a myriad of options in creating CBD infusions. We asked the question wouldn't it be awesome if people could create a CBD beverage of any kind, anytime and at any place!

From this Aqua Drops were born, 400mg CBD rich oil to be added to any beverage be it hot, cold, or tepid whatever you fancy.

Aqua Drops allow you to create CBD drinks and are a bio available way to get your dose of CBD.

CBD infusions are the future and a natural evolution in the Hemp Oil revolution. All Round CBD are at the forefront of this changing nature of the industry. Click here to buy your Turmeric infused CBD or Aqua Drops now.