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Celebrate National CBD Day with us!

08/08/2020- Happy National CBD Day. Let's make this a solid day to celebrate CBD in all its glory. CBD or cannabidiol is now one of the most popular supplements in the Western world. In the UK we look towards all CBD outlets, stores and Ecommerce sites to grab Hemp as a natural addition to our daily lives. 

And we should because prior to recent times Hemp was still seen as a drug for cannabis users or stoners. This of course is not true as the Hemp plant (different to the Marijuana plant) only contains trace amounts of THC (0.2% to be exact). This means it has little to no psychoactive effects at all. Only bodily support benefits for all round health and well being. 

Buy one get one free this National CBD Day

In light of this momentous occasion, for any particular Hemp Oil you buy we will throw in another absolutely free! 

Here are some Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products to try on the world's first official National CBD Day:

1.Turmeric Hemp Oil

Turmeric Hemp Oil (also known as Turmeric infused CBD) is a great choice for those who want more out of their Hemp Oil. It contains the best in Full Spectrum Hemp Oil supplementation including CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC combined with Turmeric. This means both these substances work together in synergy to further help your body's normal functions.

Turmeric Hemp Oil contains 500mg CBD and 500mg Turmeric with Bioperine for added absorption. 

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turmeric infused cbd

2. 1000mg original Hemp Oil

Our original Hemp Oil range has fast become one of our best sellers due to its no-nonsense approach to Full Spectrum supplementation. Each vial is carefully tested and extracted via natural co2 methods. Don't miss out on high strength 1000mg original Hemp Oil for a classic take on Hemp Oil in your daily life. 

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original hemp oil

3.Aqua Drops

Aqua Drops have proven to be a versatile way to incorporate Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in your daily life. Simply mix with any drink of your choice to create an awesome CBD infused beverage!

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aqua drops

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Make use of buy one get one free on all our products now. Check out our full range and get more high quality Hemp Oil as soon as you can. Happy shopping!

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