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Where to buy CBD capsules in the UK


cbd capsules

Do you want to buy CBD Capsules in the UK?

Intend on purchasing CBD capsules in the UK?

You're not the only one as these are hugely popular due to easy administration and simple integration into daily life. Read this guide on how purchase the best CBD Oil on the market. 

Many companies sell CBD Capsules

There are numerous providers of CBD capsules in the UK, but it is crucial to be aware of what you buy. Ask the following questions:

How do companies source their CBD products? Do they have the legal levels of THC? These questions are answered by looking at company profiles.

Company profiles 

CBD capsules as a singular CBD product have increased in popularity. Their meteoric rise has seen a spike in the numbers of providers. Don't be intimidated by this, instead research the company's past and present. Read their about us page, their story and where they look to go in the future. 

This will increase your trust in their CBD products and allow you to make informed decisions. 

Most importantly read their lab reports, these give the best insight to what you will be consuming. A company who openly publishes these, including their contaminants reports shows they can be trusted

In theory companies who source their CBD capsules through CO2 extraction use the least contaminants, chemicals and extra solvents.

Another plus of lab reports is that we can deduce the strength of CBD capsules. 

For instance our reports state we have 10mg CBD and CBDa combined in each capsule. To decide if this enough for your needs read our guide.

Essentially our CBD capsules should be taken 1 to 3 times a day as a base CBD dosage. However you can increase this to 70mg (7 capsules) or 80mg (8 capsules) if you feel its right. As long as you don't exceed 200mg.

Therefore where you buy CBD capsules matters as we should take care to see the dosage and contents of a product before we buy from a particular company.

Price also plays a part on where you end up buying CBD capsules from... but its not everything.

Its good to compare prices and see the most affordable deal. However be mindful of super cheap CBD products because if they are sourced from natural top quality places then they won't be cheap. 

Therefore some expense to your CBD products of choice can be an indicator of quality.

HPMC Capsules

We use HPMC vegan capsules to forgo the use of animal gelatine.

All in all quality found through lab reports, a company's profile and their prices are the main indicators of where to buy CBD capsules.