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The best CBD products for athletes


CBD products alone aren't the best for athletes

The established agreed benefits of CBD Oil are that they unlock your body's full potential by supporting your Endocannabinoid system. This occurs when the cannabinoids in CBD products bind to natural cannabinoids in your body to help them maintain your body's functions better. 

These functions could be related to any part of the body. In fact that's why we include all cannabinoids found in whole Hemp plant to make sure we promote all round health and wellbeing. However specific benefits of CBD Oil for direct issues experienced by athletes need to found in different ways.

Athletes have issues regarding joints and cartilage

CBD products are great for these issues. Although they are essential for all parts of the body, the presence of an added natural ingredient that's pinpointed for problems that athletes face would be even better. Due to this realisation we decided to start innovating a new supplement in the CBD Oil UK market which would be ideal for athletes. 

cartilage is helped by turmeric infused cbd

Say hello to Turmeric infused CBD 

This is where we decided upon Turmeric as the best compliment to our CBD products. Turmeric has the potential to support our joints and cartilage by blocking the enzymes that cause inflammation especially for players of hard hitting sports. 

These enzymes are Cytokines that are responsible for the pro inflammatory response after sports injury. Blocking them will speed up your recovery time. 

Furthermore Turmeric mitigates the breakdown of cartilage during weightlifting which is known as being an anti-catabolic. This is the main source of extreme muscles soreness when exercising and so you will be well versed in purchasing Turmeric infused CBD as a part of your supplement regime. 

For further evidence of the proven benefits of Turmeric read our article here.

On top of this we add bioperine in our Turmeric infused CBD as it helps with bio-absorption of Turmeric. We use 1.25mg of it for extra effectiveness. 

Altogether you get 500mg CBD and 500mg Turmeric in our supplement. Whereby there's 25mg CBD, 23.75mg and 1.25mg bioperine (black pepper extract) with each half pipette dose of our Turmeric infused CBD. 

CBD Products mixed with Turmeric therefore have a synergetic effect on the body whereby CBD and its all round health benefits work together with Turmeric to create a dual action support supplement.

Turmeric infused CBD

Our Turmeric infused CBD.

What people are saying about our Turmeric infused CBD 

"I was impressed that was the recovery of my muscles was much quicker than usual without having the cbd oil. Absolutely fascinating to think this natural infused hemp oil is out there that can have these effects." Tom 

"I purchased this oil after thinking it would help my joints and overall health. The hemp mix combined with the spice really gives a kick and has been on my diet plan since. I highly suggest taking this for a range of issues, its a really unique and well balanced cbd oil." Celleste

For more reviews check the product page for Turmeric infused CBD here.

Just one of a few CBD products for athletes

It doesn't stop there as our CBD capsules as just as good for any athlete looking for an additional option to take alongside their protein and vitamins in tablet form. These capsules are great to take due to ease of use several times a day.

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