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The benefits of CBD Oil on the environment


The benefits of CBD Oil go further than just your health

Hemp Oil has had a rocky past, with mass legalisation in the middle ages to it becoming banned in the 20th century due to misconceptions that its a recreational drug. However the attitudes towards Hemp Oil are now changing with the 2018 Farm Bill in the US.

This bill states that independent farmers can grow Hemp plant as they see fit as long as their crop yields no more than 0.3% THC (non-psychoactive). Therefore the impact this will have on farming will be revolutionary as farming practices will change and fresh benefits of CBD Oil will be realised. Such as the positive environmental impacts of Hemp Oil.

In this article we will explore how when you decide to buy CBD oil you could also be contributing to a greener world.

Farming Hemp plants to produce CBD Oil for sale absorbs more CO2

hemp field

Compared to traditional farms for wheat, barley or fruit farming, Hemp plants replenish soil with more carbon and nitrogen thereby making it more fertile.

Secondly industrial hemp can suck in 22 tonnes of C02 per hectare and for every tonne of Hemp plant grown around 1.60 tonnes of CO2 is removed from the air. Combined with this hemp plants grow tall very quickly defining them as swift CO2 to biomass conversion tools.

Therefore when you buy CBD Oil you are contributing to a greater demand for Hemp plants which are much greener than trees in purifying the air. So when you buy CBD oil you could be aiding the fight against global warming.

Not to mention the clearings needed for Hemp plants are significantly smaller than trees rubber tapping or paper, thereby decreasing rates of deforestation. Hemp is also a low maintenance crop that needs fewer fertilisers, water and pesticides. Pesticides can have an adverse effect on the environment. So this is another reason to buy CBD oil.

The benefits of CBD Oil on the environment are found in its extraction

When you take your CBD capsules per day or consume your Hemp oil drops there's a fine well regulated way the CBD products come to be in the first place.

Hemp Oil is extracted by super-critical C02 extraction where two centrifuges come together in force to extract oil from Hemp plant. That's it. No chemicals or unnatural substances are needed, which may have damaging effects on the environment.

This also means that the CBD oil you buy is 100% natural and comes straight from earth with no added chemicals, residue or contaminants. (Read our negative contaminants lab report here)

How to buy CBD oil that's eco friendly

Taking extra steps to be 100% green in the Hemp Oil industry means companies have to spend a little more money. Therefore you know the best CBD Oil won't be cheap. If you are finding Hemp Oil under £10 or so then its best to stay clear.

Remember quality Hemp Oil providers won't cut corners in order to make sure their Hemp Oil is 100% pure and organic. This will be reflected in their pricing structure.

Secondly look for a company's lab reports, if they are hard to find or are not mentioned this is an indication that their CBD Oil is mixed with other things and doesn't do what it says on the label.

Further improving the environmental benefits of CBD Oil

The transportation of Hemp Oil still relies on trucks that pump CO2 into the air. Ships that rely on fossil fuels are also used which is counter productive to the benefits of CBD oil on the environment. 

Secondly the best CBD oil needs C02 extraction. But the costs of this can be too high for some companies. This is due to the clean sterile environments needed for such extraction and the safety applications that are compulsory. However the non-economical aspects of Hemp Oil extraction could be made cheaper, but this doesn't seem likely anytime soon. 

Regardless, when you buy CBD oil from us you are assured we use clean c02 extraction methods with no solvents. 

Final word on the benefits of CBD oil

hemp farming

When you buy CBD oil you are passively increasing the demand for Hemp plants. Hemp plants due to their better CO2 absorption are better for the environment than traditional crops. Therefore the benefits of CBD oil go further than just supporting your health. Secondly sowing the seeds of Hemp plant needs less space; mitigating the rates of deforestation.

Furthermore the processes of extracting Hemp Oil from Hemp plant means that no solvents or chemicals are used that could have adverse effects on the environment. 

Confused about the differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil? They are actually the same thing. Read more on this here.