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Anytime Oral Spray; a very versatile Hemp oil option


The review is in for our Anytime Oral Spray.

We are pleased to present our latest review of Anytime Oral Spray by Tom Bourlet the CBD Sloth who explains it as a very versatile Hemp oil option with 500mg CBD. Which is great as when we started this company we sought to create the most versatile Full Spectrum Hemp Oil ever created. 

Tom saw the efficacy and freedom to control how much CBD oil you get in this Full Spectrum Hemp spray (click here for more info on the difference between Hemp and CBD). As the spray clearly states that there are 100 sprays of CBD in the bottle and each spray gives you 5mg CBD oil for oral use.

From this Tom was able to simply control how much CBD he gives himself per day due to the ease of use of the spray head!

He could give himself 10mg (2 sprays), 20mg (4 sprays) or even 50mg (10 sprays) CBD per day, as long is it was under 200mg CBD per day which is the legal limit. 

A cool minty hit of CBD

Our Anytime Oral Spray comes in peppermint flavour so each spray is refreshing. Tom described it as a chewing gum taste. Combined with Hemp scents and notes this option is a truly multi sensory experience!


To be taken anywhere anytime

One reason we created this Hemp Oil in spray form was so that busy professionals could take it on the go, quickly and efficiently. It is perfect for people who want to have their daily dose of CBD but can't always stop to take it under the tongue through the classic pipette, which is how our other oils are offered. Like our original Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

We don't just stop with Peppermint flavoured variants though, we also offer Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg CBD in lemon flavour too.


CBD capsules are versatile too

We also offer CBD capsules for people who don't favour the taste of Hemp too much, or those who already take many supplements as a part of a diet plan. Each capsule contains 10mg CBD oil in Vegan Capsules. For more info on these click here.


Allowing you to fully benefit from the Hemp Oil Revolution

To end we at All Round CBD want to keep a smile on your face with the myriad of options we offer so you can take CBD in any way you please. Whether it be through oral spray use with Anytime Oral Spray, Aqua drops allowing you to create CBD infused drinks or even Turmeric Infused CBD to double up on All Round health support. This makes us the most versatile company out there allowing you to fully benefit from the Hemp Oil revolution.

Our customer service is second to none and we clearly indicate the right dosage and requirements so you can be fully in tune with efficient Hemp Oil use.


Email us at info@allroundcbd.couk if you have any queries.