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5 other misconceptions about CBD products


misconeptions about cbd oil

1) CBD products are brand new

WRONG! Actually CBD as a cannabinoid has been utilized for generations much before its recent increased rise. Hemp derived CBD has been a food ingredient in renaissance Italy. In fact an ancient Italian cookbook entails a Hemp based soup from these times. For more info on this and other historical facts read our article here.

CBD has been used in other cultures too. In ancient India religious people would use "Bhang" a Hemp based drink full of cannabinoids. However the recreational effects of this concoction is indicative that the Hemp used was Cannabis Indica, whereas our Hemp Oil is Cannabis Sativa which is non-recreational. This leads us onto the next point.

2) CBD products are just for cannabis users

WRONG! The misconception that CBD gets you high is the basis for this confusion. Many people generalise that all Hemp based supplements are the same as they read on the news. The media at times reports they are full of THC that get you high just like illegal cannabis. This is completely false as the CBD we use is derived from C. Sativa Hemp engineered and bred to only have 0.2% THC. This is the amount the body already innately has anyway and is completely non-psychoactive in order to be used for health purposes.

Therefore we assure all people that the CBD products we offer are for everyone, and not just recreational users of cannabis.

3) A special license is needed to buy CBD Oil

WRONG! CBD products are not officially stated as medicinal products (like medical Cannabis) that need a prescription or legal prerequisite to purchase. Instead CBD products are listed as food supplements that are intended for all round health and wellbeing. In the UK to buy CBD Oil there are no age constraints either as long as whoever is taking CBD Oil doesn't exceed more than 200mg per day. 

For information on how to assure you take just 200mg per day read our guide on how to take CBD.

4) CBD products taste bad

This could be true if we didn't offer other flavoured variants in our range. Flavoured CBD products have been in the scene for a while now and we are no different. For those who don't favour the taste of au naturel CBD Oil then we have zesty lemon and minty peppermint natural flavouring. 

But we also offer dual combination supplements for even more intense tasty flavours. Such as Turmeric infused CBD that combines two ancient substances for a dual combination supplement. Or you could take our CBD capsules that have no taste and can accompany your normal vitamin routine. 

5) CBD products are for young, hip people only

We left the craziest misconception for last! The above statement would again be true if we didn't have such a varied customer base. Now that enough time has passed the age makeup of our customers is almost 50/50. From 18 to 35 and then 50 upwards. This shows that our goal of bringing Hemp to the whole world regardless of age, sex or nationality is well underway. 

The older belief that CBD products were just for a younger, new age crowd is outdated and unfair on all users and appreciators of one of the world's oldest natural plants.