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4 ways to take CBD products as a newbie


1. Start with lower doses of CBD products

Starting with lower doses of CBD products can assure you start off your intake of cannabinoids gently. This includes starting with 250mg CBD Oil in the beginning and working upwards.

Why is this useful?

This is useful because not everyone is accustomed to CBD Oil right away. Some newbies need one drop of the lowest strength day by day until they can take say 500mg CBD Oil. 

2. Take CBD Oil spray

Taking CBD oral spray gives you short manageable hits of CBD day by day. For example our Anytime Oral Spray gives you 5mg of CBD per hit whereby you can take it in small increments in order to get used to it. Completely you can take up to 40 sprays per day. So starting low with up to 5 sprays per day is advisable. 

Another thing you can do is if you don't feel comfortable taking pure CBD right away you can have it mixed with another natural ingredient. CBD products such as these like our Turmeric infused CBD are class in masking the sometimes overall bitter taste of original Hemp Oil. 

On the other hand you can diverge straight to our flavoured CBD products such as peppermint and lemon that are extremely tasty and made to be enjoyed both through scent and taste. 

3. Use CBD capsules

We get that taking CBD Oil drops can be daunting especially if you haven't taken them before. But appreciate there are other alternative CBD products out there that can be taken similarly to other vitamins or minerals. These CBD products like our CBD capsules are easy to ingest and have no after taste at all.

What's more these can be taken alongside your usual regime of vitamins and minerals so you can swiftly take your daily supplements in one go.

Our CBD capsules come with 10mg with each dose- perfect for any rookie. You can take 200mg per day so feel free to increase CBD dosage at any speed you like with CBD products like these.

4. Use Aqua Drops to create CBD beverages 

Aqua Drops are naturally formulated to allow you to have ease of use in creating CBD infused smoothies and mixtures. CBD products are more fun when you can use your imagination when starting your CBD experience. 

For example you can create any CBD infused beverage of your choice. Such as a vitamin rich smoothie, made of fresh fruit that accompanies CBD Oil very well to in making a unique health supplement. 

Or even take our Aqua Drops by themselves. They are more liquid based and so go down easier than our other CBD Oil drops. All in all they are delicious with other ingredients or by themselves so don't be afraid to experiment!

hemp oil for newbies

Last but not least...

Lastly as a newcomer to the CBD products scene look out for offers and lab reports that validate the usefulness of a CBD Oil drops brand. For example we currently have the bulk offer of 10% off any order with the code "CBD" placed at checkout. Free delivery on all CBD products. 

Furthermore you can find our lab reports easily on our site so you know your're getting exactly what you pay for.